I love sewing--any form of needle and thread makes me happy.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Here it is, the cusp of a new year.  All new possibilities and goals.  I plan to be a better blogger, have more output as a sewer, and to try welt pockets some time this year.  On Pattern Review, I have joined the Fabric Fasting  and the Monthly Sew-A-Long threads in an effort to use more of my stash.  I don't have a very big stash, especially compared to some (oh my some!) but I do need to make better use of it.  I'm going to try to use 2 yards of stash to every 1 yard of new.  And patterns.  I have so many I really need to make a serious dent in those. After all I bought them because I want that garment.   But like the saying goes: so many patterns, so little time. Surely a reasonable goal is at least on garment a month even for this slow sewer.  I have two garments to "catch up on" with you when I can get photos.   Catching one of my guys is hard but I should have an update this weekend.

What about you?  Do you make resolutions or set goals for the New Year and what are some of them?  I wish you luck with them and bloggy people that I follow I look forward to seeing your progress this year!  Happy sewing.