I love sewing--any form of needle and thread makes me happy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Love The UPS Man

I love the UPS man because he brings me wonderful things like this--

Fabric!  Beautiful fabric.  Fabric Mart was having a sale on knits-- 50% off and these little babies jumped into my shopping cart despite being on a buying fast.  ( I just don't have any nice winter weight knits to sew with.  Or so I told myself.)    The white is a nice weight scuba knit that is slated to become a jacket just as soon as I finish the quilt.  The stripe is a jersey knit and the red and harvest gold are ponte knits that will probably become dresses. 

In quilty news I got the last of the piecing done on Green Romance.  Here it is with Miss Fritzi inspecting it. 
Now onto the borders and backing.
Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Flower Box Cats and Green Romance

I have two projects currently underway.  I have made some progress with the Flower Box Cats. 

I'm working it on 18 count aida so it takes a lot of stitches to show any progress.  I've got half of the double window and most of the two kittens done.  They lack their eyes and outlining stitching.  The pink is the beginning of the flower box. 

I'm also working on a quilt.  It's going to be a smallish one-- a lap quilt size, 40 x 58 before the border.   This is only the 2nd quilt I've ever made.  The first is still a UFO since I can't decide on what kind of border to put on it.  Usually I do small wallhangings with the urge strikes since I'm such a novice at this. 

This one is from an old magazine ( Quilts and More, Summer 2006) and was called Red Romance as it was done in reds featuring a red toile.  I had a length of green toile and lots of green in the stash so Green Romance it was.

The picture is a little out of focus and doesn't do it justice but you get the general idea.  I still have three more rows and sashings to go. I've got the border piced out but am trying to think what kind of design to quilt it in. Plenty of time for that though.  Hopefully I'll get some time to work on it next weekend as this week looks awfully busy and I use the evenings for hand stitching. 

Happy stitching!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flower Box Cats

I started a new project in counted cross stitch.  It's a pattern called Flower Box Cats from Vermillion Stitchery back when they did printed charts.

 I see from their website, that everything is digital now and that this pattern is only available as machine embroidery.  I came across the pattern years ago as a Hobby Lobby closeout and never got around to stitching it up.  Well, I guess it's time has come.  I started with the kitties in the green window in the center.  Progress report soon.

Happy stitching!