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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and Hong Kong Seams

Just a little preview of my current project-- for fall. 

Hong Kong seams.  It's ever so tedious but definitely worth it.  The insides look so nice.  So coming soon.,,,Simplicity 3506.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Summer's Last Sigh: Butterick 5185 and Simplicity 8053

The calendar may say fall, and the leaves may finally be beginning to say fall, but the temps around here are still fairly warm.  I don't feel too bad doing this last blog post about summer tops since I'm still wearing them. 

First up is Butterick 5185, view C ; now out of print.

This is a pullover V-neck top with a twist feature at the waist, falling into a split skirt.  I made it shorter like in view A and B though.  I cut a size 18, which fits me snugly but not tightly.  My husband really likes this one. 

The fabric came from Fabric.com and is a cotton jersey knit.  It has a lot of give to it, so my topstitching is not the best despite using a walking foot.  Only another seamstress would notice it, though, it's just a little wobbly looking in some places. 

I made this top once before and the fit was much looser, and the skirt really annoyed me.  With this top, it's really cute. Just the right length, skims over the hips and hangs nicely over the fluffy tummy parts.  The twist makes it very slimming with the gathers.  (The instructions make the twist very easy to do.)  This was planned as part of a wardrobe project earlier this year that did not get completed.

The second top is Simplicity 8053, View B, the sleeveless, top with collar and contrasting bottom section.

I loved this pattern when in came out, it's just so cute and screams  "Summer Top."  Then to find that I already had two very workable fabrics in my stash made this project ready-to-go.  Both fabrics are cottons that have been in the stash so long their origins are long since forgotten. 

I cut a straight size 18. I meant to cut a 20 at the hip, but got interrupted during the process and forgot.  It still fits nicely though, even over bulky jeans.  I love the princess seams and the little faux pocket flaps are just cute as can be.

The collar is one piece, no stand. It sits so nicely though in the firmer cotton on top that it looks like a two-piece collar instead.

I used the dark purple for the bias binding on the armscyes, and even that went in easily.  Cotton is such a pleasure to work with.  I find it so cooperative and doesn't usually need special treatment like so many other fabrics I play with.  

I went from having almost no summer tops this season to having several that I really enjoy wearing.  I should be set to at least begin the season next year well stocked.  One always needs to update though. :)

Next up is fall sewing.  I really have begun.  I'm all excited about my last project and can't wait to share and wear , Butterick 5680.  Hopefully we'll get some cooler days soon as I've started on my next project:  the first of the jackets for fall.

Happy sewing! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

My Favorite Shirt---Butterick 6026

I know it's fall, but I'm still wrapping up summer sewing posts.  One more post and then I'll be all caught up and can launch the autumn sewing I've been doing.   This shirt has been my all-time favorite from the moment it got off the machine.  As soon as I saw Butterick 6026 it was love.  All those wonderful pintucks giving interest at the face and shaping at the waist!

I don't usually care for the Katherine or Marci Tilton aesthetic but this pattern really called out to me.   I didn't sew it up until just recently.  There were other things in the way.   Other projects...

Alright, I admit it.  Those very same pintucks I loved were intimidating.  They were so big and obvious.  What if I messed them up?  I shouldn't have feared so.  The pattern is rated as easy and I used the seam gauge foot that came with my new machine.

Those pintucks were easy peasy and came out great if I say so myself.  I love how these at the collar help frame the face.

I cut a size 18 at the neck and bust then a size 20 at the hip.  A lightweight denim from Joann's was used.  It's very soft and pliant.  (It needs a good pressing in the photos because I'd been wearing it but can never get a photographer!)  The only question I had with the instructions is where they want the sewer to invisible stitch the front facing.  What?  So  I just folded over the facing and pressed like I've done with other shirts.   The buttons and buttonholes anchor it closed.

Don't you love how it curves and gives you a waist?  This shirt is so comfortable I wear it all the time.  It just gets softer and more comfortable with the washing as denim does.  So far no fading.  The fit is perfect at the bust and hip.   I will definitely be making this again  in the long-sleeved version.  Then I'd have a perfect winter and summer top.  Swoon!

Happy Sewing! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fabric Stash

I just inventoried my fabric and goodness gracious!  It's grown!  How did this happen?  I was supposed to be on a fabric fast.  But then there were all those wonderful sales of wonderful fabric.  I have such plans for it all, too!  Almost all of it was purchased with a plan.  It's not going to languish long.  The last two months I've been heinously bad.  But Christmas is coming up so I'm motivated to be good now.  No more buying and must really sew these projects up. 

Lord knows I have enough patterns to choose from....I inventoried those too.   There is a plan.  I'm in the middle of sewing a top now.  Next up is an apron for youngest daughter as a housewarming gift.  Then, it's jacket time.  I have plans for 3 jackets and two of them are some of my bulkiest fabric recently acquired.  If I can get these items knocked out it will be accomplishing quite a bit.

Fabric stash.  I don't want it to go away.  It inspires me.  It comforts me.  It's like my books--I like knowing its there.  It's not as big as many people have but I have limited space to store it and it's exceeding that space at present.  It also makes me feel a little wasteful and hoarding having so much.  So I just need to sew up some of it to regain my comfort zone.

Maybe its time to do those curtains, too.  That's a lot of yardage....

What about you?  Do you have a stash and how do you feel about it?  Happy sewing!