I love sewing--any form of needle and thread makes me happy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Done At Last--Vogue 9205

Vogue 9205 is a cute little top that supposed to be a Very Easy Vogue.  That implies quick to me.  Doesn't it to you?  I had a few hiccups along the way.  First, I stitched those pleats in like darts.  No wonder it looked so flat and lack-luster.  So I had to pick all that out and re-sew it.  They look good now that they're done properly.

Then I got interrupted by need now sewing first for the concert, then for Cancer Awareness Days at work.  

Once I got back to it, this top just flew together. I made a size XL based on the finished measurements and did make a few alterations to it:
     * Shortened the waist at the line indicated by 1 inch.
     * Narrowed the shoulders 3/4 inch.
     * Shortened the sleeve 1/2 inch at the hem.

The fabric is a nice wool/lycra blend from Fabric Mart.  I found that it tolerated gentle machine wash and flat dry very well.  I have some in orange, too;  I thought these might be nice for hiking as a base layer.  This one may have come out too cute to use for that.  😁

The next time I make this,  and there will be a next time,  I'll make it a size smaller and shorten it some more so it will be a more fitted top.  Right now, I'm enjoying the loose, tunic feel of this one.  It's just right for cooler spring days. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

For Cancer Awareness--McCall's 6964

I mentioned in the last post that I had some need to sewing to do before I could finish my Vogue top.  One of my co-workers, a very young lady under 30, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive Stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to the bone.  Her prognosis is bleak but her outlook is so bright and strong.  She's always been an amazing lady but now she's truly inspirational, too.
As a show of support, the whole store is wearing pink and jeans on Fridays--even the guys.  I never noticed it until now, but for some reason I have absolutely no pink in my wardrobe.  Nada.  I needed a top, quick.  I ordered some pink tencel rayon knit, not knowing exactly what it was but that it was recommended for Tshirts and was a pretty shade of pink.  Got it and it's so thin! and clingy!  I wasn't so sure about this but proceeded.

I've made up McCall's 6964 before, and most likely will again.  It's a very straight forward Tshirt pattern that fits well with few changes.  It is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern so if you do need changes like an FBA, it comes with directions on how to do that.  I cut a size 16 neck, and graded to a size 20.  I over-estimated my size but it turns out I needed that extra room.

It turned out very thin and clingy and most unflattering on me.  But it is still pink, so it's still viable until something better comes along.  To make it more flattering, I'm wearing it with a maroon cardigan I made last winter.  I think it works well together, hides my fluff, and keeps me warm as it's usually very cold in the store.

Now that all the need-to sewing is done I can finish up that Vogue top.  It's really bothering me just sitting on the table next to me.  I usually only work one project at a time until it's finished; no UFOs that way.  So working like this is really upsetting my little apple cart.  I know lots of sewists  work on several projects at a time while others are like me and do one at a time.  Which camp are you in and why do you like to work that way?

And remember Ladies, if you haven't had your mammogram, there's no time like the present.  They do save lives. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sewing Without a Plan; Butterick 5954 & Simplicty 1280

Did you ever have a plan that got sidelined by another project?  Well, that's what's happened to the Vogue 9205.  I still intend to finish it soon; I just have some need-to sewing that got in the way.

Hubs and I got tickets to see Lana Del Ray in concert in Nashville this week.  I didn't have anything to wear, so of course I had to make a new outfit for the event.  Enter Butterick 5954.  A top I've made before.  My pattern is for XS-Med, and I've grown since I made it last, so I graded to a Large.

The top has a cross over front, cowl neck, a hi-low hem, and lots of flair over the bootie.

The fabric is a Liverpool Double Knit from fabric.com.  It's also available from Cali Fabrics.  I love the prints this stuff comes in and ordered another cut when I got this.  It's not as heavy as some double knits, about the weight of a ponte but with a spongy feel and crepe-like surface.  It was wonderful stuff to sew with.

The new top required a new bottom.  I knew I wanted leggings to go with this top so I found Simplicity 1280  had leggings in it--I bought it for the top as yet unsewn.  This was a super quick and easy project, even with the re-do.

I cut an XL based on my measurement.  Shorted the front rise 1 inch, raised the center back rise 3/4 inch, and added 1/2 inch to inseam at crotch.  I ended up taking in the side and inseams to about a medium (leaving the hips an XL) to get a snugger fit--it ran really loose--and cut 1¼ inch off hem.  Next time I'll take more off the rise as the waistband rides very high on the waist but not annoyingly so.   The fabric is a thin scuba knit from fabric.com from ages ago.  I should be able to wear it year round.

One more side track project and then its back to the Vogue.  And if you're a Lana Del Ray fan, the show was great!  We had a wonderful time.  Try to go if she comes near you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Vogue 9205 and a Hiccup

So after seeing Cenetta (of The Mahogany Stylist)  version of Vogue 9205, I decided to get the pattern.  Once I pulled  some wool/lycra from the stash, it was a go.

As you can see from the picture, the top features those lovely pleats at the neckline.  Therein lies my hiccup.  I sewed darts instead of pleats.  I've just spent the morning unpicking and re-stitching.  Hopefully, the rest goes smoothly.  More coming soon......

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Year, New Outlook, New Jacket

I know. I know. I've been gone so long it's heinous.  I have a terrible history as poor blogger but I'm taking steps to improve that.  I sew, but often don't blog it because of the photo issue.  I can take photos on Zelda, but they're meh because it's not a real person.  Getting one of the men in the house to take a photo is like hunting down a rare, wild animal--they're just not to be found when the time is right.  So I've tried a friend's tripod with remote.  I liked it and I ordered one up for myself.  This is going to be so much easier than the 10 second delay on my phone!  Now that I can take photos of my projects I should be able to blog about those projects as they come off the machine.

To keep me productive and focused, I've joined the 50 Yard Dash sew-a-long on Pattern Review.  The purpose of this sew-a-long is to sew 50 yards of fabric this year from our stash.  I think that this is a very attainable goal.  It comes out to roughly a yard a week.  That doesn't sound so bad.  It's a very busy thread with a very large group of participants.   So far this year, I've finished Michael's shirt-jacket = 3 yards.  This will be blogged about as soon as I can capture photos of him and the jacket.  I've also just finished today's jacket for 2½ yards.  That makes me with 5½ yards sewn and 44.5 yards to go.  Woohoo!  I've also joined the 2018 Fabric Fast thread and so far, I've not bought fabric since mid-November.  Another big Woohoo!

Now on to the jacket.

This is Simplicity 8172 view C one of their kimono jackets.  View C is supposed to be done in contrast fabric for the top and bottom, but I have this lovely knit velvet that is embroidered with flowers and swirls and has little sequins scattered over it that I wanted to use for a kimono  and I loved the flair in back on this one.  I used the Large size for my size 42 bust. As  you can see, the fit is still very forgiving.

In the pattern photo, the underbust seam comes just below the bust.  Mine is riding on my very short waist.  I like it on my waist ok, but I think next time I'd really like to shorten it but I'm not sure how.  If anyone has ideas, please let me know in the comments.

I didn't realize until I got to that part in the instructions, but the neckline and front edges are finished with single-fold bias tape.

I thought this gave a neater finish than folding over and stitching.  It also gave some structure to the neckline and front edge without being stiff.  Luckily, I happened to have some in stock in just the right color.

You can see the little flair in the back skirt area.  The sleeves end with a self-fabric cuff. (Pattern calls for contrast color here.)   It's warm and cozy with my pale yellow t-shirt.  I have plans for a lime green charmeuse tank for it for this spring.  There's a yard or so of it left over from another project.

Hope your New Year's resolutions and plans are all off to a good start.  And I hope it includes some  sewing!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Easy Fall Jacket; Butterick 6065

I'm finally sewing for fall and this little jacket was such an easy sew.  Just a few seams and a hem.  It's got a cocoon shape, darts for the shoulder seam, and a front band.   I made it up in a sheer knit mesh from Fabric Mart and just love wearing it.  Casual and relaxed with a dressy vibe.

I made a size large with no alterations.  It's only two pieces;  the body and the front band.  In such a sheer fabric and such odd-shaped pieces, it would be easy to get lost in the puzzle, so I cut it out using additional notches where there were circles or dots.  This worked out great; it came together so easily.  

Since the fabric was so sheer, I opted not to serge it.  Instead I zig-zagged the seam allowances and then trimmed.  For the hem I just turned and stitched.  

This is such a great little jacket and such a quick sew, too.  I may have to make another.  Maybe one for my daughter--I have enough fabric leftover as Fabric Mart sent so much extra.  

Till later;  Happy sewing all!