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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Finish--Green Romance

Despite not blogging, I have been busy with needle and thread and life in general. My daughter just got married. We are thrilled for the happy couple and just love her new husband. 

She is a very non-traditional lady and bride in her happy pink. 

In sewing: Green Romance is done at last. 

I had run out of bias binding and just lost steam for the project in the process. Finally decided to wrap things up on it.  I can see mistakes on it but am happy with it over all. Especially as a learning process. 

I have been making slow progress with the Flower Box Cats.   Sorry about the orientation. I couldn't get the correction to hold. But you get the idea,  it's not being ignored completely. This is such a tedious project. I think I started with the hardest set of cats. Time will tell though.

In other sewing news there is sewing news; however no pictures at this time. But there are several new garments in my closet I need to show you soon.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day and happy sewing. 

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