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Thursday, October 15, 2015

McCall's 7196, Bozo the Clown Top

A few weeks ago I purchased Mccall's 7196:
I was picturing myself in that lovely flowing tunic with the graceful pleats down the side.  When it came down to making it, I realized all the fabric would drown my 5'3" frame.  Still picturing flowing tunic with pleats though, I made view D:  straight hem below the hip with 3/4 sleeves. I purchased a festive peachskin for the fabric.  It has a nice drape without being heavy but enough body to hold the pleats.
I cut a size 18 and used a size 20 sleeve to give the biceps plenty of room; the 18 would have been a tad snug. I thread trace the pleat lines which went surprisingly quick.  The directions were easy and clear and the project just flew along.  The tunic is very long, even this "shorter" one.  I had to cut 3 inches off the hem to get it to hit just below the hip. 
The top is very pretty when I'm standing still, but how often do we stand still?  I couldn't even get still pictures as the wind was blowing (sun in my eyes too).  As a result I look very preggers ( and grumpy)  I think.  Why I did I think any kind of pleating would hang off a 38" bust properly?  Duh.  The print may be just a little to busy and festive for this top.  But the fabric did sew up and press nicely.
I'll have to say I don't think this one quite worked well for me.  I may still wear it about the house; it is quite comfy and loose.  I won't be sewing it again. I still have to blog about the cotton voile top. Will do that as soon as I can get a picture with it.  On to the next project...Happy sewing

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