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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year and Simplicity 1070

Happy New Year all!  I've been thinking about the whole resolution thing and have decided it's not for  me this year.  I always feel so bad when they fall by the wayside a few months later.  I've been reading other bloggers choosing a theme word for the year.  They choose a word that holds meaning for them for the coming year to bring meaning or perspective to their lives.  I've seen several inspiring ones but the word that came to my mind for this year was Obligation.  I have been rather negligent  in some of my obligations and have demonstrated misguided loyalties/obligations in some areas as well.  I need to make more meaningful time for my husband and  family, turn down work requests for overtime sometimes; I don't have to be the only one to save them.  I have an obligation and a spiritual need to return to church.  In the past year I have gained a considerable amount of weight and owe it to myself to take better care of myself.  My fabric/pattern stash represents an obligation as well.  I have all those dreams and expectations that haven't been realized yet.  I would like to see more use of fabric and pattern and have need for more clothes that fit as well.  I've also been terribly lax about blogging, something else I can make strides in.  These are not resolutions but rather areas I should like to see improvement in meeting my obligations to things I've already committed to.  I think I will find more balance in my life as a result. On to sewing....

I made this last year but never got round to blogging it, Simplicity 1070, the jacket. 

I loved this pattern the moment I saw it, but was intimidated by the call for leather on it.  I finally decided to make it up when I found the quilted-look faux leather at Joann's.  I got the knit, a neoprene scuba--not the swimwear kind--from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Now it being a knit and a woven, as designed by the pattern, I anticipated it being difficult to manipulate the two fabrics.  The scuba knit was so stable, though, it handled like a dream with the leather.  I used a leather micro needle and a Teflon foot and had no problems. 

I cut a size 18 and narrowed the shoulder about ½ inch.  That was the only adjustment and it fits to a T!  Usually, I have to lengthen the sleeves, but these were perfect as is.  It fastens with a pair of D-rings sewn into the left princess seam and a tab on the right flap.  It looks great open or closed.  There are pockets of a truly useful size in the front princess seams as well. 

The back has princess seams as well for added shaping.  The knit makes this such an incredibly comfortable jacket. And the leather makes it just so darn stylish!  Every time I wear it, I get compliments.  It's one of the best looking and the best fitting item I've made.

The pattern itself was very easy to follow.  The directions made sense throughout and the illustrations were helpful.  The pattern pieces fit together perfectly!  Every seam and notch was where it was supposed to be, how it supposed be. 

I can't say how much I love this jacket.  Only that I wore it non-stop until it got to cool to wear it for outerwear.  Now it's just occasionally as a regular jacket.  I can't recommend this pattern highly enough.

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!

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