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Monday, March 20, 2017

Mixed Emotions About Vogue 8534

I need tops to transition into Spring.   I decided upon Vogue 8534, view C  with the little ties for my first one.

I think this top evokes mixed feelings for me for several reasons.  First, the pattern.  It's long.  Very long for short ol' me.  I took 6½ inches off the hemline and it's still a little on the long side. 

Second, the directions.  The pattern has you leave the neckline unfinished since its a knit.  I couldn't  do that-- it just looked too unfinished.  So I serger finished the edges of the neckline and ties. It's still not the neatness of a hemmed finish but it will do.  Since I serged the neck, I just serged the hem and sleeve hems as well for a consistent "deconstructed" look.

Third, is my fabric.  I got a wonderful drapey ITY from Fabric Mart back in November.  I love it but it very thin and very drapey.  I clings to every lump, bump, and bulge I've got.  I've only got one bra at this time that gives a smooth enough silhouette front and back.  The others cause more bumps.  (I really need to go bra shopping). 

I love how the sleeves are part of the upper bodice.  I love the little ties, but really not thrilled with the serged edge.  Not fond of the deconstructed look at all.  So you see, I like it, but I also don't like it.  I guess I'll decided after a couple more wearings.  But on to more exciting projects!

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