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Monday, September 7, 2015

Shopping At Joann's

Joann's is having the Labor Day sale this weekend and have lots of sales going on.  Chiefly, for me at least, patterns.  Butterick and McCall's are $1.99 and Vogue are $4.99.  There are lots and lots of patterns I want, but I decided to limit myself to what I will realistically sew up in the near future.  Only two came home with me, McCall's 7196, I love the pleats on view D. and McCall's 7254, loving the jacket and the vest. 

Of course fabric is also on sale so a little came home with me as well.

The happy dots is a peachskin that I was thinking would be pretty for the McCall's 7196.  The ivory is another peachskin and the lace to match are for a project I want to do next, McCall's 7095. 

Right now I'm deep into Simplicity 1328:
I'm making view A, the shirt jacket for my husband.  This is my first foray into men's clothing, so I'm a little intimidated.  I'm using a medium-weight brushed flannel so regular markings would not show up.  It was the first time I've used thread tracing to mark a pattern.  It was very time consuming but has been worth it.  Who know where all those pockets would have ended up without it?  Now I'm working in the plackets, another new skill set. We'll see how that goes.  I fear a seam ripper is in my future with this one.  I just want it all to be so right and there are so many new skills involved in this project.   Do you challenge yourself with your projects?  I know this is how we grow as sewists and my reference books are getting quite the workout.  More updates later and don't forget to catch that sale if you haven't already.  Happy stitching.  

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