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Friday, September 16, 2016

Vogue 9176--The Pleated Jacket

I know its been a long time since I've blogged but at least I've been busy with sewing.  I'll try to catch you up on my projects over the two weeks.  It is National Sewing Month after all.

First up is Vogue 9176, the pleated jacket in the bottom right hand corner; view A.
It's a loose-fitting, unlined jacket with self facings on the front, a yoke across the back shoulders with lovely pleats draping from the yoke in back.  I just fell in love with this pattern and purchased it right away when it came out.  Those pleats were love at first sight. Then I saw the recommended fabrics and got a little intimated: chiffon or georgette for the back panel. I've not sewn with these delicate, sheer, slippery fabrics.  Especially with pleats.  So, it sat. 

Then one day, Fabric Mart had a sale on some ivory blouse-weight polyester georgette.  It was a sign that the jackets time had come.   I decided to use the georgette for the body of the jacket and then found some matching chiffon for the back and sleeves.  The vision was coming to life.

The georgette was actually not too difficult to use.  It just required good pinning and careful stitching.  No speeding here.  French seams were used since it was still rather sheer.

 I was really afraid of the pleats, especially with the slippery chiffon.  But I worried needlessly.  The pleats were marked carefully, pinned well and sewn s-l-o-w-l-y.  I think they came out very well.

After wearing it, I find the sleeves are a tad tight.  I cut a size 18 and usually Vogues run large on me, but this one could do with a little more wiggle room in the shoulders as well.  Does that stop me from wearing?  Hell, no.  I worked hard on the jacket and it's not so snug that it stresses the seams. 

I also purchased enough of the georgette for a matching tank top, but that project tanked!  I made it on the old Burdette while I was waiting for the new Brother to arrive.  I should have waited, however the project would still have been an epic fail just not a sloppy looking one.  I used Simplicity 2599

without any embellishment.  It came out HUGE and just wonky looking.  So I scrapped it and happened to find a satin tank while thrifting that looks fabulous with the jacket.  It's in the pictures. I think the satin adds to the play of textures in the jacket.

Next up, another ivory color project, a top!  Happy sewing til then!

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