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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vogue 8817, The Textured Top

I have had a picture of a multi-textured top on my inspiration board for over a year.  It's a white top with multiple sections and each section is a different texture of the same white.  Love it.  Want it.  Must make it mine.  Vogue 8817 view B looked like it would give me what I envisioned.

I set about finding appropriate fabrics and finally found them in an ivory colorway. 

The knit jacquard is from Fabric Mart--it was a dream to sew with.  The jersey knit--almost too thin to use--and the lace were from Fashion Fabrics Club.  I used the jacquard on the bodice and main back panel.  The lace was used on the sleeves, stomach panel and upper back panel.  The jersey was used for the side panels, and underneath the lace on the stomach and back panels. 

I cut this as a size 18 and it was huge!  I ended up raising it at the shoulders, bringing up the neckline and armholes.  I also had to take in quite a bit at the princess seams on both front and back.  By the
time I got done sewing and re-sewing this top, I'd make it twice! 

  If I ever do make it again, I'll go down to a size 16 and raise the neckline.  It sits rather low for my taste and age.  It was a booger bear to make, but I love it dearly now.  It fits nicely and is just what I envisioned.  I can now take that inspiration picture down from the board.

Do you have an inspiration board in your sewing area?  And do you move out the accomplished for a new dream once you create it?  Happy sewing and chasing the dream!

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