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Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Vogues, My Picks

It's a cool, rainy fall day here on Bittersweet Lane.  I'm so excited that fall has finally arrived.  Just 4 days ago the temps were in the 90s but those seem to be behind us now according to the weather man.  In a way it's a shame because I just finished a top (Vogue 8078)  I need to show that's definitely a summer top but I guess it will wait for next spring for more wear.

On to fall though and the new Vogue patterns!  This is a rather small release I thought and I didn't find much that excited me. 

Vogue 1527
This one is a Paco Peralta design featuring a beautiful coat, tie blouse and skirt.  The coat is gorgeous, but the skirt is what I would sew from this pattern.

Vogue 9227
I love this collection of knit tops.  I plan on purchasing this pattern for sure but can't decide which view I like the most they're all so cute.

Vogue 1525

I can't make up my mind yet if I really like this one or hate this one.  I do hate the pants,  They just hang.  On me they'd look like balloon drawers.   But the top has interesting stitching lines that give it shape and drape.  So it's a real possibility.  I'll check it out as others make it and see what it looks like on a real person.

The rest of the collection just didn't appeal to me or fit in my lifestyle.  Would that I had a place to wear some of those more glamourous outfits. 

What appealed to you and what's on your must sew list?  Happy sewing plans!

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