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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cool Tools and Some New Patterns

I'm still working on the Leanne Marshall coat.  It's coming along slowly but progress is being made.  One of the things I read about preparatory to this coat was the issue of pressing.  One of the posters on the Pattern Review Sew-A-Long mentioned that she didn't think her hem looked as good as it could have if she had used a tailor's clapper to get a better crease. I wasn't familiar with this tool so I looked it up and found this great video from Angela Wolf on how to use one.

How did I ever manage to live without one of these?  I promptly ordered one from Nancy's Notions along with a pressing ham for those princess seams.

I'd long wanted a ham and Joann's just never has them in stock.  They arrived just in time for use and they're wonderful.  All I need now is a ham stand to hold the ham for me. 

On to the new patterns...   A couple of weeks ago, Joann's had their Simplicity and Burda on sale so I grabbed a couple for the collection.  I say collection because I have no immediate plans for any of these:

I got Simplicity 1316 for a top or two this summer, love those princess seams and cut on sleeves; Burda 6502, view A with a border print challis or eyelet would be great; and Simplicity 8259, it's just such a dreamy dress but who knows when I'll make it--just had to have it though. 

That's all my news for now.  I'm back to the coat and attaching the hood; the end is in sight.

Happy sewing all!

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