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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bowties and Harlequins; McCalls 6601

After nearly a full month of endeavor, I've finally finished McCalls 6601.  It looks like its out of print now.
Its a loose-fitting blouse with bow-tie front, front bands, back yoke, sleeve plackets, pleat and cuffs.  It also has a pair of pants with a shaped waistband, carriers, front pleats and side front and back welt pockets. 

I made the blouse in a size 16 using some black rayon challis and this fun harlequin print crinkle rayon challis from Fabric Mart.  It was lovely to sew with: fluid without being slippery.  I used a little color blocking on this.  I made the front bands and tie and yoke in the solid black, and the rest in the harlequin print.  I didn't do any alterations.  I see in the pictures I could have used a little narrowing of the shoulder.

It all went together very nicely except the sleeve plackets.  For some reason, I just couldn't get them right and had to do them over twice!  I did the ones for Gene's shirt perfect first try!  Grrrrrr.  Purely operator error, not the pattern.  But they're on now  and look lovely.  I'm still not sure about the tie: whether to tie it in a bow or leave it hanging from a square knot.  The bow doesn't look bad, just feels like more than I'm used to on my bust. 

I like how neatly the back turned out: the contrasting yoke and the little pleat.  It's not binding at the waist at all.  That's me turning to see what my photographer was up to. 


It is winter, and cold, and this is a lightweight fabric so I have to wear something over it.  Today I'm wearing my white scuba knit jacket, Simplicity 1761 made back in March but never blogged.  I also have a lovely light taupe-gray sweater that goes very nicely with it.  So it fits nicely into the wardrobe.  I'm planning a black skirt soon that will work with it also. 
I'm getting more sewing time lately so next up will be New Look 6298.  It's already finished!  Happy sewing. 

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