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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The New Sewig Room

I'm such a poor blogger.  I'm going to try to do better I have  new motivators.  First we just got a new computer.  Yea!!  Ours died about 3 months ago and we've been surviving on our smartphones.  Thank heavens they're so smart! 

Second, our youngest daughter who moved out almost a year ago, finally gave the okay to dismantle her bedroom so it could become the long coveted sewing room.  I'm so excited!  It still contains her dresser and a bookshelf but there are plans to move those soon or at least their contents so I can use them until she claims them.  My own sewing room!  I'm still in awe. I've been sewing in a corner of the dining room for 7 years now.

Here's where most of the action takes place.  On the table I have my Brother CS6000i, on which most of my sewing is done, and an old Bernina Berdette that's close to 30 years old now.  The cart contains all my sewing patterns.  Sitting in the chair is Fritzi who believes the room is for her. 

Swinging to the right, is the bookshelf  I hope to commandeer, my dressform Zelda, and the new ironing board.  I'm such a sewing nerd to be excited over an ironing board but we've been using one that hangs from the door in the laundry room.  This is such a vast improvement and makes it so convenient for sewing.

This cabinet was made for my grandmother and is close to 60 years old.  It had been in storage waiting for this moment.  Resting on it is my Brother 929D serger that I picked up 2nd hand but works like a trooper as long as my grandson leaves the tension alone.  On the last wall is just a steel wire cart that holds storage boxes and rules and a bulletin board with inspirational pictures on it. 
I'm still getting settled but am so very happy with the new space, especially all the cheerful sunshine that comes through the windows.

Now I just need new curtains for the windows and the closet and some cute covers for the machines.
How about you? Where do you sew and does it make you happy?  What would your dream space have that it doesn't have now?  Wherever you sew... I wish you happy sewing .

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